NZ Robotics, Automation & Sensing AGM & Workshop, 23 Nov 2015, 5.30 - 7.00 pm

The AGM for NZ RAS (NZ Robotics, Automation and Sensing) and a workshop will be held on 23 November 2015 at 5.30pm - 7.00pm at the University of Auckland, School of Engineering, 20 Symonds Street.  This is in conjunction with IVCNZ.

The nominations for office holders from the NZ RAS group so far are:

Chair:         Bruce MacDonald

Vice Chair:  Ian Woodhead

Secretary:   Andrew Dawson

Treasurer:   John Kennedy

Please submit any other nominations you have, along with nominator and seconder, for consideration at the AGM.

Agenda (TBC):

5.30 pm  AGM
   Election of Officers
   Are MOU / NDA agreements needed with the NZ RAS group for company discussions?
   NZ RAS purpose (including responding to enquiries through Callaghan Innovation?)
   Other business

6.00 pm Research forum (brief updates)
   Inspection Robotics and Assistive technology in Medicine: Will Browne
   Autonomous Robotics in Rugged Outdoor Environments:  Bruce MacDonald
   UAVs:  Richard Green
   3D Reconstruction:  Steven Mills
   Sensor Development:  Ian Woodhead & John Kennedy

6.20 pm Industry forum - brief reports from NZ industry representatives
   Speakers TBA

6.40 pm General discussion forum

7.00 pm Finish